Meet U.S. Egg Farmers

February 10, 2020

UEP farmers are members of family-owned egg farms throughout the United States, many led by multiple generations. They proudly represent about 90 percent of all egg production in the U.S and are committed to providing excellent care for their hens, while producing safe, high-quality eggs.

Sam Krouse

“It’s a very exciting, dynamic time to be working in the egg industry.”

Growing up, Sam Krouse witnessed the passion his dad and grandfather showed as they cared for their flocks at MPS Egg Farms. read more

Bryce McCory

“We strive to be the best we can be and produce the absolute best product we can.”

Bryce McCory always loved animals and grew up in a family that spent a lot of time talking about eggs. Rose Acre Farms was founded in the 1930s by David Rust who sold eggs to grocery store chains in Indianapolis. read more

Nicole Puglisi

“Egg farming takes a lot of sacrifices. There is always something that needs to be done… Yet there are many rewards that make it worthwhile.”

As a child, Nicole Puglisi was frequently on the family egg farm. Though she enjoyed the farm, 15 years ago she never envisioned working there. read more

Jason Ramsdell

Taking care of hens and producing an affordable food source is rewarding.”

“Day or night, my job never stops. Caring for a flock of hens requires us to be flexible, working at odd times and willing to give our attention to the hens as needed.” read more

Mike West

West views hen welfare and egg safety as his responsibility which “starts with the people in our hen houses.”

Owned and operated for more than a century, JS West is all about family. Currently managed by 3rd and 4th generation family members, the organization’s 280-plus employees are considered extended family. read more