Category: UEP Certification

UEP Certified third party audits verify program compliance

July 23, 2021

UEP Certified egg producers are committed to providing excellent care for their hens at all times, in all types of housing. The UEP Certified Program is administered by Dr. Larry Sadler, UEP’s VP of Animal ...

Employee training vital to hen care

July 23, 2021

Employee training is a key component of the UEP Certified Program. Poultry caretakers must sign of code of conduct outlining care expectations and requiring a supervisor be contacted if the UEP standards are not being ...

Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

July 23, 2021

The UEP Certified Program addresses the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, ensuring excellent care and quality of life for hens. Freedom from Hunger and ThirstFreedom from Discomfort Due to the EnvironmentFreedom from Pain, Injury or ...